What is pay per click advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a form of direct advertising that looks to entice people who search for the terms you target. It becomes the first option they see on the search engines, encouraging them to click on your link at the cost of an agreed-upon ‘cost per click’ meaning every visit to your website costs the agreed rate.

what is pay per click adv
RORE Media How does PPC work?

How does pay-per-click advertising work?

It works by using enticing advertisements to draw people in based on the term they search for online. They then come to your business and, if you offer them what they need, utilize the services that you have to benefit themselves. If someone clicks on your advertisement, then you will pay the fee required to the PPC vendor you use, such as Google AdWords.

What are the benefits to your business from PPC?

Managed correctly and targeted by experts, PPC marketing can lead to huge improvements in website traffic. It can make sure you get more people clicking through to your site who actually want what you can offer them. With the right optimization and the correct website development, you could make sure that more of your clicks result in the creation of new customers, boosting profits. Lastly, it simply reduces the number of people visiting your site who you cannot help or assist.

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